Guild Wars

1. Guilds that rank in the Top 4,000 for Guild Might before a Guild War begins will be divided into groups of fives. 2. Attack members of other Guilds in your group to get points. Opponents with higher Might award more points. 3. Heroes and Troops sacrificed in unsuccessful attacks can still be used in later attempts. 4. Players who join a new Guild during the event won't get attack chances for that Guild War. 5. Guild War rewards must be collected before the next Guild War begins or they'll be forfeited.
1. After the event, rewards are given based on the points you have. Rewards include Prestige, Honor Badges, and Benefaction. You may get bonus Prestige based on your Guild's Point ranking. 2. The amount of Prestige awarded to each player is based on their Guild's Points ranking. (1st: Max 4,000 Prestige. 2nd: Max 3,400 Prestige. 3rd: Max 3,000 Prestige. 4th: Max 2,700 Prestige. 5th: Max 2,200 Prestige) 3. "Guild Points" are the total points earned by all members in the Guild. 10% of Guild Points earned will be awarded as Guild Credits (capped at 25,000 Guild Credits).
Might The number of players
Total Points Points with one player
Attacking Defending Battle Points
Location Total Points Reward
Glory of BattleStar