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Insignia Bag

Insignia Bag Insignia Bag
Grants a random Lv1 Insignia.
Max amount 49999
Sell 8000 Blue Crystals

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Scorch Insignia - Has a 5% chance to negate all damage when attacked.1???
Flame Guard Insignia - Deflects 8% of damage taken.1???
Blade Shell Insignia - Has a 5% chance to deflect 100% of damage taken.1???
Slow Down Insignia - Has a 25% chance to reduce enemy SPD by 30% for 5 secs when attacking.1???
Sprint Insignia - Increases MOV SPD by 10%.1???
Stone Skin Insignia - Reduces damage taken by 5%.1???
Tenacity Insignia - Increases HP by 10%.1???