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Prime Insignia Pack Lv10

Prime Insignia Pack Lv10 Prime Insignia Pack Lv10
Grants a random Lv10 Insignia.
Max amount 65000
Sell 488000 Blue Crystals

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Sacred Light Insignia - Increases Max HP by 120% and reduces DMG received by 70%.1???
Unholy Pact Insignia - Increases ATK by 240% but also increases DMG received by 15%.1???
Zealous Drive Insignia - Grants +1 range, increases ATK by 120%, and reduces damage taken by 55%.1???
Revitalize Insignia - Gain 100% Energy at the start of battle. Increases ATK by 120% for 10s.1???
Empower Insignia - Grants 60 Energy per second in battle. Also increases HP by 80%.1???
Survival Insignia - Negate all DMG for 3s and regain HP equal 2500% ATK when attacked. (Cooldown: 7.5s)1???
Nimble Insignia - Grants 100 Energy when attacked (even when Dodged). Cooldown: 2s. Raises Dodge by 30%.1???
Wicked Armor Insignia - Raises ATK by 150% and limits reflected DMG taken to 5000.1???
Stealth Insignia - When HP is below 35%, raises ATK by 250%, ATK SPD by 120%, and becomes Elusive for 4.5s. (Cooldown: 9s)1???
Vigorous Fury Insignia - Raises HP by 170%. Raises CRIT Rate by 90% if Hero has at least 45% of their HP. Lasts for 2.5s. (Cooldown: 2s)1???
Blade Dance Insignia - Raises Dodge by 8%. When Hero Dodges, gains 200% ATK for 2s and recovers 60% of Max HP. (CD: 2s)1???
Silent Cover Insignia - Reduces DMG taken by 70%. When attacked, Silences 2 random nearby enemy Heroes for 4s. (Cooldown: 7s)1???


Where to get Quantity Chances / Cost
Imperial Chest VI - Open to get an abundance of rewards.Imperial Chest VI - Open to get an abundance of rewards. 2