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Prime Insignia Pack Lv5

Prime Insignia Pack Lv5 Prime Insignia Pack Lv5
Grants a random Lv5 Insignia.
Max amount 65000
Sell 200000 Blue Crystals

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Revitalize Insignia - Gain 100% Energy at the start of battle.1???
Stone Skin Insignia - Reduces damage taken by 25%.1???
War God Insignia - Increases ATK by 30%.1???
Bulwark Insignia - Increases ATK and Max HP in battle by 20%.1???
Psyshield Insignia - Increases Max HP by 20%. Every 4s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.1???
Empower Insignia - Grants 15 Energy per second in battle.1???
Sharpen Insignia - Increases CRIT Rate by 12% and ACC by 11% in battle.1???
Feint Insignia - Increases ATK by 26% and Dodge by 4% in battle.1???
Brute Force Insignia - Increases ATK by 24% in battle. Critical hits from Hero1???
Iron Will Insignia - For first 10s, Hero gains 30% more ATK and immunity to Stun, Fear and Energy reduction.1???
Regenerate Insignia - Raises Hero1???
Sacred Light Insignia - Increases Max HP by 26% and reduces DMG received by 20%.1???
Unholy Pact Insignia - Increases ATK by 70% but also increases DMG received by 20%.1???
Zealous Drive Insignia - Grants +1 range, increases ATK by 30%, and reduces damage taken by 25%.1???


Where to get Quantity Chances / Cost
Buy Items (Trade Fame) 1 200Glory of Battle